Why so quiet Arrow Bloom?

As so many of you noticed, I took a break here at Arrow Bloom. I appreciate all the understanding from everyone who tried to schedule sessions. So why the break? Whew, where to start? The top reason was because after almost 10 years in our home, our neighborhood, our familiar - we decided it was time for a change. I know this is a major decision for any family, however being a family who isn't very fond of change, it was a huge leap for us.  We left the house we brought our babies home to, we left the only school our kids have ever known, we left our neighbors, our friends and some of our family. The good news is - we didn't go too far! 

So this summer has consisted of sports, celebrating birthdays, vacations, enjoying family, friends and one another. It also contained a lot of work - putting our house on the market (way more work then I imagined), finding a place to stay, and making plans to build our new house (sooo many decisions!) So after many hours of planning and looking and hoping and dreaming - we moved over to Washington, IL in a temporary home while we build. We started the boys in a new (MUCH larger) school and we set out on our new adventure! All the while, keeping up with everyday life. I also started doing some commercial work (at an amazing company...but that is for another blog post). 

So its been a very exciting, anxious, and busy time. We are finally getting into our routine. We are meeting some new friends, figuring out our schedules and feeling a bit more stable. So with that comes more good news! I will be taking a limited number of fall sessions that will open up this Friday!

I am so thankful for all of you that have checked in, offered support and let me know you would be there when I came back :) So on to new adventures with my family and with capturing yours! Come back on Friday for fall session details!!

** And because I can't possibly do a post without some pictures - here are some of our adventures ;)