The Muellers

Oh goodness, Katie is one of my dearest friends and frequent Arrow Bloom costumer. She is one of those friends that even if we haven't talked in a ridiculously long time - we just pick right back up. Complete with laughing until snorting is involved. I just cherish those kinds of friendships. 

And when she brings these two sweet boys and her husband with her - it just fills my heart to capture their family. They are loving, attentive and so dang playful with those boys. It was so cute to watch. Boys just have this loud rowdiness about them. I feel right at home when I get to run around with other people's boys ;) Thanks Katie for years of friendship and allowing me to continually capture your sweet family! 

The McCartneys

I was super excited when Sandi called to book a session. She wanted pictures of her, her husband and their 16 year old daughter. Don't get me wrong - photographing young kids and their families is my jam. But I love to branch out every now and again. Working with teens that I don't have to chase, bribe or act like a farm animal is a nice change . (ok, sometimes even the teens need bribed, but I don't think I have ever had to do the farm animal bit for a single one of them. ;) 

And then they showed up and were so sweet, funny and one good looking family. Their daughter Jenna has such a radiant smile and her eyes are gorgeous! They lived up to the change - a quick, easy session that I would repeat again in a heartbeat. Thanks for trusting me to capture your memories McCartneys! 

The Deehrings

Eeks! I am so excited to share the session! This little family is just so dang cute. As I have said before, I love when new clients come to help me capture their family. Especially when they ham it up! This little girl had so many cute little poses with no direction from me. Her joy and love for her parents just came out in every photo and it was adorable. Speaking of her parents (Lee and Christine) - they were just as doting on her and it was so cute to witness. 

Also if you haven't heard of Bumpboxes, you must check it out. Where was this company when I was pregnant?? It is a monthly subscription box of healthy pregnancy, mom and baby products for every stage of your pregnancy to your little one's first birthday! Great to pamper yourself with or send as a gift. The products they offer are healthy and so so cute! So why mention this now? Lee and Christine are the creators of this, right here in Peoria! I love being witness to people following there passion and sharing it with others. You can check out their story and products at 

Gibson Girls

I have been photographing these cute girlies since before the youngest was born. I love seeing the relationship of sisters, it is the sweetest. And these girls always bring it - the smiles, the sass and the willingness to strike a pose. We usually do some shots that they direct themselves, and I have to admit - I usually love them. We had great weather and a fun night running around. The best shots always come from just enjoying the moment :) 

The Winklers

Well, we are in the full swing of the holiday season and that winter weather has finally arrived. Which means I start my hibernation and try to stay in denial about the freezing weather by revisiting more fall sessions!

I won't go into the details of the lengths the Winklers had to go through for this session...multiple times. But let's just say they are such troopers and so forgiving ;) But that's only one of the reasons I love this family. They are thoughtful, hilarious and have been so welcoming since we moved to their neck of the woods. I mean, what is better then the people who are rooting you on? Not much in my book, so I am so grateful we have that in them :)

So let's just enjoy looking at these pictures and remembering not so long ago when it was 75 degrees in November! 

The Harms

We have known the Harms for a really long time and let me tell you - great couple raising great kids. This was the first year photographing the whole family and I was so happy to have them all! Watching my friends kids grow up and being able to capture them is such an honor. And photographing families with slightly older kids then my boys gives me a little glimpse into my future. Of older kids who don't need to be chased or tickled. It's bittersweet my friends, bittersweet. Enjoy your now, whatever that may be :)

The Sniders

I have had the privilege of photographing these two adorable boys for quite some time, but this was a 1st time with the whole family! I loved seeing all the different connections with the four of them. And check out all that curly red hair! These boys had the personality to go along with it and sure made me work for it. Little did they know, I am trained on boys and had a blast capturing them. 

Kristin has been a long time friend, so its always fun to get together and laugh. Not only is she gorgeous and sweet but she owns Pink Sugar Boutique - so she always nails the wardrobe! (and if you haven't been in Pink Sugar yet, go now, thank me later ;) 

The Allens

You know what I love? I love new clients. Clients that just saw your work and decided to book you. No referrals or word of mouth - just trusted your work and you to capture their family. The Allens were so cute and their love for their little guy just shines through. He was such a polite, sweet boy, she was a cute, adoring mama and I am never happier then when a dad is just loving and attentive to his family. The Allens nailed it and I was honored to capture them!

PS - I also love my returning clients and those referrals, so keep'em coming ;) New and returning clients - I don't play favorites. I love you all ;)

The Graftons

The Graftsons were one of my very first clients ever. Like before I full fledged started firsts. Like, I'm thinking about doing this, hey we will pay you right now firsts! It's those people, the people that believe in you before you believe in yourself that get you to where you are.  I can't thank you you guys enough. For believeing in me in the beginning and sticking with me.  Your family is absolutely adorable and I love watching you all grow.  All the feels <3 <3 <3